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JW Craft Studio is a new husband and wife venture based in the midlands.

The Chief Sawdust Maker (husband) is from an engineering background having served a traditional apprenticeship back in the early 1980’s (he has pictures of his highlighted hair and mohair jumpers when photos were still taken on film and developed at the local chemist). 


The Boss (wife) is from a managerial background and is responsible for all things financial, admin and IT along with coming up with new product ideas for the studio. Once an idea has been discussed its over to The Chief Sawdust Maker to produce the first version, to do this he uses some or all of the following - guess work, photos / plans supplied by the boss if you are lucky, mind reading, crystal ball gazing and good old fashioned trial and error.

ujk drill table and fence 04 (2).jpg

The workshop is like a second home and fitted to a good standard and is constantly being adapted and updated to consider new products and new methods of production.

2021 will see the instillation of a CNC router to further enhance and refine the studio’s product range and calling on the cad

skills that The Chief Sawdust Maker has acquired during his varied career.


The studio was set up early 2020 just prior to the first nationwide lockdown, great timing some would say!!!!

The studio fulfils a change in direction and work life balance for the Chief Sawdust Maker and the achievement of a long-held ambition for The Boss.

Dog Kennel Hooks 3.jpg

The name JW is a nod to a well-known steak and bourbon bar located in the heart of London, a place that is frequented often with many happy afternoons and evenings being sat at the bar indulging in a love of both mainstream and rare American whiskeys, great steaks and fine cocktails. During the visits, many interesting people have been met and drank with and several great friendships forged. Look up the JW Steakhouse and if you are ever in London then give it a try.

Please take time to look around our website, browse the gallery and treat yourself from our shop, all our items are well packaged and can be gift wrapped and dispatched straight to the recipient (within certain criteria). 


Take a look on our links page to view both our regular suppliers and also favourite brands and friends of the studio, not all work-related. Please do check our social media channels and revisit us regularly as our range is constantly evolving. 


We would love to hear from you with any comments regarding the web site, social media or any of our products and also if there is an item you would like custom made or altered in some way perhaps to fit a certain space then please get in touch as our products are all handmade, they can usually be changed and altered (small charges may be applied). 


Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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